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PSA for Magic Makers

My Lovelies…. Here’s a little PSA for energy workers, magic makers, witches and healers of all kinds during this critical time. There is only LOVE and a distortion of that love. PERIOD. Love unfolding, then getting bound up and messed up and broken and confused. And in it’s worst shape it is Hate. So think about it like this. You’re going around working on getting more healed, realized, expressed, coherent, congruent, trying to do some ‘good’ in the world. Then something happens and you get confronted by some sort of crazy distortion (hate). Like every day right now….. mass shootings, [...]

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So many of us are afraid to be powerful. We are afraid of the repercussions of what might happen, of being responsible, of doing it wrong, of not being liked, of loosing love, of harming, of failing, of succeeding. The thing is- those of us who have these concerns, that consider these things- we are the ones with the integrity to wield the greatest power. Those of us who don’t want it or seek it, we are the ones needed to own it. We are the ones that must step into our authority now. The world is calling. We have [...]

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Integration Practice

Often in life when we have a profound and life changing experience, a new awareness or sense of self is palpable and alive for us, and we don’t want to loose it, yet we are unsure of how to land it well in our lives. Maybe we have just spent time at an immersive retreat or on vacation, or we’ve had a peak healing experience. Or maybe we are in the process of learning a new skill set or way of being. And we have truly changed, something is fundamentally different about us, yet we also know that the new [...]

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The Nature of Forgiveness

Forgiveness can be an abstract concept. What does it even mean to forgive something or someone? How do we forgive the unforgivable? Sometimes we get confused….. thinking it means to forget, to let go, to be done, to walk away, to ‘turn the other cheek’, to bypass, to ignore…. But often we miss something in the process. This isn’t real forgiveness… This isn’t the Divine Transfiguration that’s possible for us. The thing about forgiveness is this…. We can’t wish away our feelings. We can’t willfully unbind the knots in our hearts. We can’t betray ourselves and try to live in innocence [...]

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The Nature of Time and Our Place in The Cosmos (Article)

We are Divine Beings conceived and imagined in the heart of ancient stars. Our bodies made from star dust. This Earth we live upon, a living, breathing, giant creature. A celestial sphere of which we are a part. Our bodies built, fed and nourished by her offerings of plant, of air, of water.   We forget the context of our existence. It’s like when someone close to you passes. Someone you’ve known for a long, long time. And when they die they leave an intricate and gaping hole in a shape you were never aware of before because it had [...]

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Embodying The Essence of Your Desire (Meditation)

  [Length: 24mins  •  Subscribe here] This meditation is part of the monthly content that goes out with the Syntara Membership Community. I'm sharing it here because it's a rich and deep one that can benefit many. And it will give you a sense of some of what goes on in the Syntara System Membership. It offers a nice reset and integration as you step forward more deeply into the truth of who you are...helping you to embody your essence, align your desire and live on purpose. I hope you enjoy it! And if you'd like to find out more [...]

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